September 23, 2019

Noreen Plays Avery in "Pretty White Girl" at Hudson Guild; Press Release

Noreen Quadir and Piyali Syam both identify as women of color and ethnicity, but both had the same middle-class American upbringing as Church. Pretty White Girl is part of the 2019 New York Theater Festival Summerfest; and a part of a larger project currently being developed.

December 19, 2018

Noreen Resumes The Role Shabana in "A Muslim in the Midst"; Browngirl Magazine's Review

In a play featuring such strong personalities and viewpoints, perhaps the most understated, Shabana, became a key facet. Noreen played the role of a quiet, unaware and scared wife. The facial expressions and innocence portrayed was beautiful, as were the climactic moments of power as she defended her lifestyle, but learned about others.

October 04, 2017

Noreen Plays Shabana Pasha in "A Muslim in the Midst"; Yale's Review

Review of the play "A Muslim in the Midst", written and directed by Anand Rao. The play was performed at Yale's Crescent Theater, where Noreen Quadir performed the role of Shabana Pasha.

"A Muslim in the Midst, written and directed by Anand Rao, was staged on September 8 at the Crescent Underground Theater in Morse College at Yale. Set in Bangalore, India, in the aftermath of 9/11, the play portrays the unexpected encounter of two couples. The simple but resilient Haneef Pasha (portrayed with élan by Ram Kanneganti) and his demure, yet steadfast wife, Shabana Pasha (played with grace and verve by Noreen Quadir), are newly-arrived poor, Muslim migrants to the city from rural India. The world-weary and conflict-averse Raj Sunder (Jay Nambiar is in his element here) and the self-confident and high-minded Priya Sunder (Dipti Mehta delivers an impassioned performance) are an upper-middle class Hindu couple who take pity on the Pashas and decide to give them a ride to their final destination in the city."

August 10, 2017

Noreen's Feature in Indie Activity

Noreen discusses her acting process and her background in an interview with Indie Activity.

"I like my performance to be organic. So the preparing that I do is making sure I understand my character well, what’s going on in the scene, what my relationship with the other character is, how my character feels, what is their objective, and what is their obstacle. I also see what similar experiences and feelings I have that I can use. All of that helps me deliver my performance in the moment."

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