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THE TEST (short) 


Producers & Writers: Noreen Quadir & William Hui 

Director: Nicola Rose


Logline: When a young couple discovers that they're pregnant, they argue over how to deal with their situation and what their future looks like.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - TrueView Film Festival - 2022 black.png


Producer: Noreen Quadir

Writer: Alyssa Harden

Director: Lisa Marie Tedesco


Logline: A college student receives a surprise visit from a superhero scientist who encourages her not to give up on her dream of becoming an astronomer after she becomes depressed from a failing grade.

AMOEBA (feature)


A coming-of-age story about a popular teen, under the social status microscope, battling with her sexuality and living up to others’ expectations of her, while working towards her rigorous college dance application process. 

Script completed; pitch deck available upon request 













A coming-of-age dramedy about an outcast fifteen-year-old who pursues her love of theatre while clashing with the cultural differences of both her family and affluent suburban town. 

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BAILEY, THE RABBIT (Children's Picture Book)


Bailey is a rabbit in a pet shop, waiting to make a new friend. When he is finally chosen by Melanie, he does everything he can to impress her. But instead, he ends up causing a lot of accidents and mishaps. Can Bailey find a friend or will he go back to being lonely?


Noreen creates stories that feature underrepresented characters, include social themes such as feminism, break common stereotypes, show diverse points of view, and introduce audiences to new concepts and ideas that are not typically seen in film and media. Her ultimate goal is to increase diversity, representation, and equity in film and to inspire people to make changes for a more compassionate and tolerant world, consider different perspectives, ask questions, and embrace themselves for who they are.

Her writing is also dramatic but balanced with light-heartedness. The stories that she creates explore characters who are figuring themselves out and discovering new situations that help them grow. She likes inviting audiences to join characters on their journeys while also experiencing humor and joy.

Noreen studied screenwriting and filmmaking at The New School. She has also written scripts for corporate videos. 

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