Using her acting background, literary skills, and passion for reading books, Noreen provides narration for audiobooks. Her warm, friendly, and youthful voice is best suited for narrating children's books, YA novels, romance, fantasy, self-help books, and inspirational stories. Noreen is also an animal lover and a vegetarian and would bring this enthusiasm to narrating non-fiction books about animals and life sciences. Her favorite books are the Harry Potter series as she loves coming-of-age and suspenseful stories that have complex plots and characters and a social impact. She also enjoys books that combine both drama and comedy, whether it's a witty romance or a new adult novel.


YA Paranormal Romance (First Person)
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Children's (Third Person)
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Non-Fiction (Self-Help)
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Home Studio

RODE NT1-A1 Microphone and Interface

Sound treated booth with acoustic panels and blankets 

DAW: Audacity 

Connectivity: Source Connect Standard, Zoom, & Skype 

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Actress | VO Artist | Narrator | Writer | Filmmaker

Soft-spoken with a bubbly resilience and a spark of sass

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